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January 03 2011

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MJ and Mr. T
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September 26 2010

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hell, yes!

September 15 2010

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September 05 2010

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July 23 2010

the andy warhol polaroids

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Beauty Shop
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I just mowed the yard and found a 4 leaf clover.

My film says it’s wholeheartedly expired. It’s my last pack of polaroid 600. I’ll have to get some impossible project stuff soon. :0

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beauty spring
Polaroid SX-70 |
Polaroid 600
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my new bike ...
Polaroid SX-70 |
600 Film
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dash snow (r.i.p.)
this one, and other polaroids from D.S. were taken from a set 'polaroids', which could be watched on after the author's death caused by heroin overdose, somebody took them off the server.
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Day 131
from my 365 goodbyes polaroid project see my profile for the link
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Polaroid Sx70 Expired Film Time Zero
Polaroid Sx70 Expired Film Time Zero
Polaroid Sx70 Expired Film Time Zero
Polaroid Sx70 Expired Film Time Zero
rockcake and lomocake polaroid
taken on rockcake's sx-70 yesterday. little lomocake spent 7 out of the house. a record for her!

check out the polaroid rockcake got of me and lomocake

June 01 2010

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That is the "every cell of my body are happy" brew ... And not my head!!!
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May 22 2010

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